We assist with building the organizational infrastructure necessary to implement the business plan. Too often a new firm is organized in an inefficient manner, or lacking the expertise across core functions; iVL conducts a Gap Analysis for firms once accepted to determine the weaknesses and augments the team. Investors often comment, “We bet on the jockey not the horse” to remind entrepreneurs that the team is what matters over the product in many cases.


In order to gain solid market traction, you need customers. If you have customers, you need them to do more business with your firm, or you need to get more customers.  Understanding the core niche markets and capturing a dominate position within these segments is part of the iVL formula for traction and growth.



iVL believes that although it is possible to operate a business using cash from operations, the process of growing is limited to the cash flow. Rather than subject a firm to slow-growth, iVL identifies the appropriate mix of debt and equity to help firms craft hyper-growth fiscal management strategies.