iVentLABS is an international entrepreneurial hub designed to attract high-growth firms in the start-up phase seeking to transition into growth firms.  These are firms supporting diverse industries.  We have a Channel Partnership with the Cayman Enterprise City where we will have a branch office in Grand Cayman, CI.  This partnership provides a platform and expands our interest to include firms which have an ability to scale beyond the domestic sphere to capture global market opportunities. We also serve as a conduit for international firms seeking to expand and participate in the US domestic markets.

Firms apply to be considered for iVentLABS with the opportunity to gain up to $100,000 per year in services at specially priced rates. These services can be outsourced to our Partners, under the close guidance of the iVL leadership team to navigate the process.  These external Partners provide services at a reduced rate to iVL in order to gain access to a larger pipeline of well vetted clients as well as participate in a revenue sharing opportunity based upon agreed to performance milestones.



iVentLABS’(IVL) mission is to deliver 500 sustainable firms, generating a minimum of $5 million dollars in gross revenues in a five-year period.


Our core focus includes existing firms which have the potential for additional growth, and have hit barriers which if properly mitigated will unlock those opportunities.  Additionally, we are not limited to technology firms, again allowing firms serving diverse industries like: construction, retail, health and beauty, transportation, and fashion have opportunities to become portfolio clients.

Our model is not based on leasing space, but focused on delivering market validation, proof of concept, team alignment, operational guidance, technology platforms, and the funding to actually deliver on the vetted value proposition. We are therefore able to generate revenues through actual fees, revenue sharing models and equity commitments.

iVentLABS will increase the success factor by properly training the newly minted and existing entrepreneurs on how to properly build a business venture.  Many lack the overall expertise to properly develop the value-chain – human resources, information technology, marketing, sales, fiscal management, procurement, materials management, and more.

Our teams of highly qualified Partners represent the best practices gained from experience working with category leaders.


Team Members

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